RPW001 Recording and Production Workshop

Total Hours: 13 / 6 days

Course Description:

This workshop consists of 6 classes taught in a working commercial studio environment, and followed by an open house day for graduation. Each class will be 120 minutes long. The instructor(s) will be working engineers with years of experience.

Class enrollment will be limited optimizing the student teacher interaction. Students in this course are expected to have a basic knowledge and understanding of audio recording and techniques. The class is meant to expand and enhance that knowledge.

The workshop will begin with a review of basic audio terms and fundamentals in the form of a lecture. The remaining classes will be actual sessions demonstrating a complete recording from basic tracking through mixing. Students will gain hands on experience with the various equipment commonly used in today's professional and project studios.

Some of the Topics covered:

  • Audio Terminology
  • Tracking a Rhythm Section
  • Overdubbing Vocals and Instruments
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Remixing
  • Recording - Mixing Technics (for various genre)
  • Acoustic Methods of Coloring Sound
  • Electronic Timber Choices and Manipulation
  • Understanding Phycology of Recording Sessions
  • Developing Listening Skills
  • Finding the Song in the Recording (via Mixing)
  • Delivering Quality Service
  • Analog and Digital methods
  • Music and Math - very much the same


All classes and workshops enrollment will be limited to 7 students or less.