RPSNYC co founder Roey Shamir is a seasoned music industry veteran with decades of experience in engineering, studio operations, and music creation. Roey is currently partners in a commercial recording studio facility named Area 51 NYC. The facility offers a diverse list of services such as recording, mixing in stereo and surround, mix to picture, voice over work, spoken word recording, and mastering.

Roey is a musician who started his formal audio training back in the early 80's attending Institute of Audio Research and a little known School at the time called Full Sail in Florida. He soon found a home at Unique Recording Studios on 47th Street in Manhattan's Times Square starting as an apprentice, and then worked his way up to an assistant engineer. Having worked with some of the top engineers in the New York scene, he soon became a full fledged recording and mix engineer himself working with such artists at the time as Najee, Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore, and other R&B greats. Unique Recording was well known for having one of the largest keyboard and outboard gear collections in the country and many companies such as Roger Linn, Emulator, Yamaha, Akai, Roland, Eventide, Digidesign, MOTU and Waves, all beta tested their gear at the facility. Roey was one of the main people evaluating, suggesting modifications and contributing to preset and sound libraries for that gear. As the industry and technology changed, so did Roey's clients. He engineered, mixed and remixed projects for Mantronix, Joyce Sims, Nocera, Information Society, Run DMC, Al B Sure!, SWV and many other well known artists of the time. Roey soon also started producing. He formed his own label and released a number of independent artists signing more than one to major label distribution. He produced Rock and Roll legend Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes (Solo CD). Roey is more than an engineer though. He is also a business entrepreneur. He is currently Co-Owner of Area 51 NYC Recording and Mastering Studios. He is also in the process of developing RoTo Music, a songwriter/production team and publishing company. Last but not least Roey has new audio product company called T.H.C.R.S. that is slated for release in 2014. He currently is also a consultant to several U.S.A. and foreign audio product manufacturers as well as Lehman University's Multi Media Center (a State of the Art Music and Video Facility).


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