LRW001 - Live Recording / Broadcast Workshop

Total Hours: 12 / 6 days

Course Description:

Recording and mixing in a live or concert setting presents its’ own set of unique issues. In this workshop we will look at those issues and get hands-on practice at executing a concert recording. On the first day, after a brief discussion laying out what we will be doing and why, the group will set-up and test everything needed for a concert recording. The second day will be an actual performance that the class must set-up for, record and mix ‘live’.


  • The 5 steps: The Build; Line Check; Sound Check; The Show; The Load Out
  • There is no “Second Take” when mixing live.
  • Preparation and paperwork aren’t fun, but they are absolutely necessary.
  • Since concert recordings are a team effort... What are the positions?

Some of the Topics covered:

  • Stage Boxes, Splits
  • Mults and Crosspatches
  • Working with Monitors and Front of House
  • Microphone Choices and Placement
  • Stage and house levels, (Dealing with leakage and feedback)
  • Communications between everyone
  • Setting up the control room for a live mix
  • Audience Microphones
  • Aesthetics of mixing a concert
  • Problems to be on the lookout for
  • Time Code and Syncing With Video
  • Matching your Audio to the Video


All classes and workshops enrollment will be limited to 7 students or less.